Blake Leaper and Degree Trainers for Hire


Meet Blake Leeper. He’s a two-time world record holder, eight-time medalist, and unstoppable force in the track & field world. 

Blake is just one of the many highly capable athletes with disabilities who could work for you (and with you) and in turn, make your spaces more inclusive. 

Degree wants to break those limits

81% of people with disabilities don’t feel welcome in fitness industry spaces*, meaning that for millions of people, the movement industry is off limits. Representation is a major problem, and it begins with America’s leading fitness companies. 

*Source: Lakeshore Foundation. Aug. ‘21


Did you know that 81% of people with disabilities don't feel welcome in fitness spaces? It's time to change that and help raise awareness. There are many #TrainersForHire who can help. Explore this roster of athletes with disabilities at

Whether you’re a fitness brand, company or studio looking to make your space more inclusive or an individual hoping to learn more about accessibility, we’re here to help.

Four young kids in purple football kits celebrating a goal

Breaking limits through the power of movement

Everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, social and mental benefits movement provides. And we’re acting now to create the world we want to see – one where everyone has the confidence and opportunity to move more.

That’s why we’ve created the Degree Breaking Limits Program – in partnership with the most credible NGOs in the US, we are providing millions of young people with access to movement-based programs, coaching and mentorship they need to transform their lives through the power of movement.

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