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Our Commitment

Degree believes in the power of movement to transform lives. Everyone should have the right to move, whoever you are and however you move. But, in our increasingly unequal societies, social, economic, and physical barriers stand in the way.

That's why at Degree, we're making some bold moves of our own to create the world we want to see. Moves that will challenge the status quo and positively impact People, our Products and the Planet.

By doing all this and more, we can continue to deliver the most effective anti-perspirant and deodorant products around, protecting the spaces and places in which people move, and inspiring people with the confidence to move more - breaking barriers as they do.

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Inspire millions of people with the confidence to move more?

Now that's a challenge we're happy to accept.

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We're taking big steps to deliver superior sweat and odor protection that isn't just great for you, it's good for the environment too. Developing innovative packaging that uses better plastic and less waste, whilst protecting the planet and the spaces and places in which we move so that everyone can move more. See how we're working towards a sustainable future.

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Discover the science behind our innovative MotionSense® range, and get the low down on the ingredients we use.

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Degree Body Heat Activated®

Find the right product for you

When you start to move, tiny microcapsules release a burst of fragrance to keep you fresh. Whether you dance, spin, climb or hula hoop, we’ve got you covered.