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Degree believes movement is for everyone, but fear of judgment can hold all of us back from getting up and moving more. We want to turn that fear on its head by empowering those who feel self-conscious to overcome their doubts and move how you want to, no matter who’s watching.

Fear of judgment stops 46% of people from being active

We believe movement has the power to transform lives. But we know there are barriers standing in the way. Too many people face judgment because of their age, race, gender or perceived ability.

We’re on a mission to inspire those who face judgment with the confidence to keep moving - regardless of who’s watching. Because everyone should be able to experience the many benefits movement brings.

*Based on an online survey of 2,000 participants in the US conducted by Edelman Data & Intelligence in July 2021.

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Breaking limits through the power of movement

Everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, social and mental benefits movement provides. And we’re acting now to create the world we want to see – one where everyone has the confidence and opportunity to move more.

That’s why we’ve created the Degree Breaking Limits Program – in partnership with the most credible NGOs in the US, we are providing millions of young people with access to movement-based programs, coaching and mentorship they need to transform their lives through the power of movement.

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Trainers for Hire

Trainers for Hire

We’ve assembled a crew of accomplished athletes who are ready to take on a new challenge: representation. Meet these qualified candidates.

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