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Armpit SOS: Cracking the Code Behind Excessive Underarm Sweat

Do you frequently wonder, 'why do my armpits sweat so much?’ Everybody sweats differently, but if you feel your pits are always wet, you may be dealing with excessive underarm sweat.¹

Join us to find out more about the symptoms of excessive armpit sweat, what causes it, and – most importantly – what you can do about it. Plus, discover smart product recommendations that promise to keep you feeling fresh, confident, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

How to tell if your armpit sweat is excessive

First things first, let's acknowledge that armpit sweat is perfectly normal and very important.

According to Dr. Karan Lal, a cosmetic dermatologist, “Sweating is extremely important. It’s the way your body regulates temperature and keeps you cool when you’re exposed to heat and extreme temperatures.

Is excessive armpit sweating normal?

Sweating from your armpits a lot when you’re hot is absolutely normal. But if your armpits sweat uncontrollably, even when it’s cool, you might be dealing with excessive armpit sweat. More on the signs of that, next.

Four signs of excessive underarm sweat

If you find your armpits seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to sweating, it's time to confront the issue head-on. Here are four telltale signs of excessive underarm sweat:

1. Altering your wardrobe

If opting for dark clothing or layering up has become second nature to hide sweat stains, you may be experiencing excessive underarm sweat.

2. Ineffective underarm products

If your underarm products appear ineffective, leading to persistent wetness and a strong body odor that surpasses the superpowers of your underarm products, consider it a telling sign.

3. Excessive sweating regardless of the weather

If you find yourself sweating profusely regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside, you may have an excessive armpit sweat issue.

4. Interference with daily life

If sweating becomes a source of embarrassment, and causes discomfort, impacting social interactions and self-confidence, you may be dealing with excessive armpit sweat.

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What causes your armpits to sweat?

Excessive armpit sweat can be influenced by many factors. As we mentioned above, we usually sweat from our armpits when our bodies get too hot, e.g. when it’s sunny or we’ve been working out. But there are other causes, like:

Stress and anxiety

Our bodies release stress hormones when we’re feeling stressed out or anxious, triggering the flight-or-fight response in our nervous system. This can make our armpits sweat more than usual. You may have experienced this just before an important game or exam.

Hormonal changes

Puberty, pregnancy and menopause can make our hormones go haywire, making our pits sweatier than usual.

Clothing: Why do I sweat so much from my armpits when wearing certain shirts?

Do you find that your armpits sweat more in certain clothes than others? That’s because some fabrics – we're looking at you, synthetic fibers – can make you extra sweaty.

Ditch clingy synthetic t-shirts for ones made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk.
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Four ways to manage excessive underarm sweat

1. Use your antiperspirant at night

How can I reduce armpit sweat? Try tweaking your antiperspirant routine and apply it at night. Why? Because your sweat glands are usually less active at night, making it easier for your skin to put the antiperspirant to work and reduce the amount you sweat.

2. Hydrate

Ensure you stay well-hydrated by actively drinking enough water, especially after a gym workout or Pilates session.

3. Upgrade your wardrobe game

Ditch clingy synthetic t-shirts for ones made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. Planning on working up a sweat? Go for sweat-wicking workout clothes, like those made from polyester blends.

4. Use clinical-strength antiperspirants

Regular antiperspirants and deodorants not cutting it? It’s time to try a high-strength clinical antiperspirant. For prescription-strength wetness protection for up to 72 hours, we recommend our:

For women: Degree® 5in1 Protection Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant
For men: Degree® Men Clean Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant

From choosing the right antiperspirant to making lifestyle tweaks, addressing excessive armpit sweat requires a personalized strategy. But remember, with the right products, and lifestyle adjustments, you can stay fresh, confident and in control.

Meet the expert

Dr. Karan Lal's expertise has been recognized and quoted in reputable publications including Allure, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, and Elle, showcasing a broad influence and acknowledgment in the field.


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