Degree for Men Maximum Recovery Menthol Body Wipes 10-ct

Menthol Body Wipes

Large enough for your body & designed to wipe away sweat & grime. Degree Maximum Recovery Menthol cleansing Body Wipes remove sweat, oil & dirt.

Maximum Recovery

Instantly cleanse and refresh post-workout with Degree Men Maximum Recovery Menthol Body Wipes. These body wipes with Menthol mood-boosting technology and electrolytes are the perfect solution for feeling clean and invigorated on-the-go. Individually wrapped to lock-in moisture, these convenient wipes can be kept in a gym bag, pocket, or car to have on hand during busy days.

Specially formulated with electrolytes and Menthol mood-boosting technology, each use will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Made with 100% naturally derived fibers, these thick and textured wipes can easily remove sweat, dirt, oil, and odor-causing bacteria right off your skin. Plus, they're big and strong enough to use on your whole body.

Ready to level up your post-workout game? Pair these cleansing wipes with one of our antiperspirant deodorants to feel instantly refreshed after a workout, in the middle of a busy day, or during outdoor activities where you can’t get to a shower like camping. Whatever you do, however you do it, Degree wants to help inspire the confidence in you to move more, and these body cleansing wipes give you the power to keep moving. Be sure to try our range of Degree Maximum Recovery shower and bath products. Degree Maximum Recovery won't let you down.