Degree Maximum Recovery Lavender Extract and Electrolytes Epsom Salt Muscle Soak 36oz

Lavender Extract + Electrolytes Epsom Salt Muscle Soak

Revive sore muscles with Degree Maximum Recovery Lavender Epsom Salt soak muscle recovery. A unique blend of Electrolytes to help restore mind & body.

Maximum Recovery

Soak your way to post-workout recovery with Degree Maximum Recovery Lavender Epsom Salt Muscle Soak. It is the perfect way to revive tired muscles and help you reset post-sweat. Whether you had a demanding day at work, chased after the kids, or had an intense workout, Degree Epsom Salt Muscle Soak, with electrolytes and Lavender extract, harnesses the power of hot water to ease muscle aches after a workout.

To use, fill the bathtub with warm water and add one to two cups of bath salt. Soak for at least 15 minutes to experience our relaxing Lavender mood-boosting fragrance technology.

Want to create a full post-workout skincare routine? Pair Degree Maximum Recovery Muscle Soak with our Maximum Recovery Body Wash to exfoliate and detox your skin. Start by mixing a handful of bath salts with your body wash and gently massage onto your body to exfoliate away any impurities, sweat, or oil. Whatever you do, however you do it, Degree wants to help inspire the confidence in you to move more, and this Epsom salt muscle soak gives you the power to keep moving. Be sure to try our range of Degree Maximum Recovery shower and bath products. Degree Maximum Recovery won't let you down.