Man cycling through a field in the early morning light.

Get Energized

Fun Weekend Activities And Hacks To Move More

What are your weekends made of? After spending five days at work, these two days of freedom are too precious to waste. Fill them with these weekend activity ideas and come Monday you’ll be bursting with energy. The week will fly by.

1 Make your own adventure

Thinking about what to do on weekends? Try exploring locally. Finding your state’s hidden staycation adventures is a wallet-friendly way to get you and your friends moving. Kayaking along canals. Canyoning through the countryside. Start exploring – you’d be amazed at what you might find!

2 Hang out with man's best friend

Being active has never been this fun. Sign up with a dog-sitting service: earn money strolling furry friends for your neighbors while making some serious strides for your fitness, too. Make it more sociable by getting your friends in on a brisk walk, clocking up miles with multiple dogs in tow.

Exercise doesn’t have to happen in the gym. Get your exercise fix outdoors.

3 Call for back up

Make an effort to push yourself harder: whether you’re at your usual exercise class or taking your bike to run errands. Degree Women UltraClear Black+White Pure Clean Dry Spray or Degree Men Body Heat Activated™ Extreme Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray will help protect you from sweat and odor, so you can up the ante whenever you need!

4 Try out a bootcamp

Exercise doesn’t have to happen in the gym. Get your exercise fix outdoors. Bootcamps have soared in popularity in recent years and with good reason. It’s a great way to meet other movement enthusiasts and enjoy the benefits of physical activity in good company.

5 Discover somewhere new

Google Maps is good for more than just getting you home. Open it up and randomly zoom in on a nearby location unexplored by you and your friends. Pin it. Share it. Meet there. Who knows what you’ll come across on your travels!

6 Screen your usual habits

Challenge yourself with screen breaks. Block out two hours at of the weekend and fill that time putting your eyes to better use, like heading to a local art gallery. You’ll clock up some serious steps without even realizing it – and scenery is scientifically proven to reset your work-addled brain.