Degree Inclusive accessible accessories for deodorants



Degree Inclusive accessible accessories for deodorants


1 out of every 4 Americans have a physical disability*, yet the deodorant category lacks accessible innovation. Our team kicked off the Degree® Inclusive project last year after hearing first-hand from people with disabilities – especially people with upper limb disabilities - about the discomfort, feelings of exclusion and loss of dignity they experience when they struggle to use deodorants.

We started on a journey alongside our partners at Wunderman Thompson to help change this, by challenging ourselves to create a new deodorant innovation that was easier for people with upper limb disabilities to use. Our efforts to date have focused on individuals with upper limb disabilities as we found that they had the greatest difficulty using our products.

We’ve been on a learning journey since we began exploring this space and shared our beta design called Degree® Inclusive. Over several months, we gathered feedback from targeted focus groups and partners, which led us to make significant and important updates to improve overall design and functionality. While we heard that Degree® Inclusive provided users with greater ease and independence in using their deodorant, it was clear we could go further and be more personalized in approach to meet peoples’ needs. Because of this, we pivoted to start work on a range of accessories that offer a more personalized and effective solution to address diverse mobility, dexterity and upper limb needs.

We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to the process of making Degree® Inclusive a reality. From our panels of participants to engineers, designers and the project team, we are proud of the journey we’ve been on together.

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities we are excited to share that we are in the process of producing a range of four accessories that will be available in the coming months for people to trial and give feedback on. Our goal is to collect ongoing feedback from the community on these designs, to understand how they fit diverse needs and can continue to evolve.

The set of accessories can be attached to the tops and bases of 72h Degree® Deodorant sticks. They are intended to give people more choice and allow them to personalize their Degree deodorant for varying mobility needs. For example, the set will include a variety of lids with different hooks and grips, as well as bases that are designed to help users more easily turn the dispensing wheel mechanism. Degree® Inclusive accessories include:

  • A loop attachment you can slide your fingers or arm into to pull the lid off.
  • A cap with molded ridges that add grip to the lid to make it easier to remove.
  • A cap with protruding wings on the lid so it can be lifted with one hand/thumb.
  • A base attachment that secures the product so it can be pushed up or rotated with one hand.

We are looking forward to hearing back from the people who trial them, to hear how they worked and what we can do to improve them as we continue our journey. We are continually learning and gaining a deeper understanding of how to design with the disability community. Click the link here to take part in the research and sign upOpens in a new window for your set of accessories delivered to you free of charge.

* CDC ReportOpens in a new window