Two men jumping over a barrier while doing parkour

6 Extreme Sports You Should Try

Looking for a new way to get fit? Want to take it up a level?

Adrenaline sports don’t just mean bungee jumping and skydiving. There’s a whole list of extreme sports with safer-than-they-sound entry-level sessions.

So don’t just dream of rock climbing or white water rafting. Strap into your safety gear and dive straight into the world of adventure sports.

Man jumping over a railing during parkour move

1 Sign up for bouldering

Not ready for the skyscraper rock faces? Find a local climbing center and sign up for bouldering. It’s rock climbing but on shorter walls. As well as the thrill, the best extreme sports challenge your body. With a focus on agility and core strength, boulderers are some of the most impressive athletes around.

2 Fat-wheel biking

Find freedom with fat-wheel biking. And we mean freedom – the off-road, all-terrain tires have deep grips so you can ride anywhere you want (within the law). Keep your cool on the mountainside with Degree Men Advanced Protection Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant and you’ll be protected right to the finish line.

3 Wild swimming

Have easy access to a wild swimming lake? Swimming might not seem top of the extreme sports list but these rocky pools and waterfalls are more demanding than you’d suspect.

4 City with parkour

Run, jump, and climb your way through the city with Parkour. It hones your agility, balance and strength in one. Try a class to go through the basic movements safely. Keep the focus on your moves, not sweat – a spray of Degree Women MotionSense Active Shield Antiperspirant Deodorant will help keep you dry and protected.

5 Go canyoning

Like your playground complete with jaw-dropping scenery? Go canyoning. With expert instructors, you start at the top and jump, scramble and abseil your way down the waterfalls and gorges.

6 White water rafting

Craving a hydro-charged adrenaline rush? You can find instructor-led white water rafting in most national parks and rivers (complete with equipment hire).

Run, jump, and climb your way through the city with Parkour.