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Your lunchtime workout

Your Lunchtime Workout:

6 Ways to Move More

Lunch is the best part of the working day. But there’s no reason to take it sitting down. One hour – endless possibilities for movement. Every workday is an opportunity to try something new. Step away from that soggy sandwich at your desk and get active. Afternoon slumps will become a thing of the past.

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    Step away from the screen

    Step away from the screen.

    Give your eyes a break from screen time. Put movement back on the menu at lunch – try a different spot each day. Some brisk walking there and back will help you work up an appetite. Tupperware kind of person? Take a walk afterwards and enjoy the fresh air – another one of the benefits of walking.

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    Keep your cool

    Keep your cool.

    If you’re working movement into your day, staying fresh is key. Degree Women MotionSense Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray or Degree Men MotionSense Extreme Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray into your desk drawer. They go on dry and you can spray at any time, so you can get active. Your day won’t know what hit it!

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    Take things one step at a time

    Take things one-step at a time.

    You don’t have to run miles for a lunch-hour workout. Skip the elevator to tackle the stairs and your office doubles as a gym. After all, you’re lifting your bodyweight against gravity with every step. Too easy? Head down and go again. It’s called incline training. We call it elevating your lunch break.

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    Stay social

    Stay social and active.

    It’s not always easy to take lunch away from your desk. But it pays to move. Try transferring calls to your mobile and pacing the office. Think of all the emails you send – cut them down by going to your co-worker’s desk for a chat, instead. Even micro-movements like these can kick-start your muscles.

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    An intensive lunch break

    An intensive lunch break.

    Pack an intensive lunch-break workout into a small space of time. Go to a gym or nearest green space and mix intervals of intense running with squats and star jumps, opening up your joints and stimulating muscles. High intensity intervals like this deliver full workout benefits in a time-friendly session.

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    Get the creative juices flowing

    Get the creative juices flowing.

    No one enjoys drawn-out lunch meetings. You have eating to do, after all. Round up your colleagues and take the brainstorm to a nearby coffee shop. The walk will wake you up and encourage bright ideas. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to grab better coffee than what the office kitchen has on offer!