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A workout class where men and women are in their workout gear down on one knee lifting weights

What Are The Benefits of Movement? 

How does exercise make you feel? Energized? Invincible? Alert?

These aren’t surprising answers. The importance of physical activity is about so much more than, well, the physical. And there are so many benefits to movement, it’s hard to count them all. But we’ve tried – here are just a few of the health benefits of physical activity…

  • 1
    Feel the buzz

    Feel the buzz.

    Nothing beats that feeling of a post-workout high. Your brain loves it when you move, so it’s designed a built-in reward. It floods your body with neurochemicals that make you feel on top of the world – endorphins, you might’ve heard of them – boosting self-esteem and confidence with every move!

  • 2
    Stay alert

    Stay alert.

    Studies show quick bursts of movement make you more alert. Swap a desk lunch for a gym session and see if it increases your focus. Spray Degree Men Advanced Protection Cool Rush Antiperspirant Deodorant or Degree Women MotionSense Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant Deodorant before you go and you’ll get back to your desk feeling as fresh as when you left it.

  • 3
    Up your energy

    Up your energy.

    Don’t let sluggishness hold you back. Exercise actually improves your body’s usage of nutrients so you get more energy from them. Throw movement into the mix to get your edge back.

  • 4
    Sleep better

    Sleep better.

    Working late and staring at screens can throw off your sleep patterns. But a workout can help to reduce the chemicals in your brain that keep it on overdrive at night. Research shows morning sessions deliver the best results. Hit the workouts more often and you’ll hit the snooze button less! 

  • 5
    Stand taller

    Stand taller.

    There’s a key to improving posture – exercise. Most of us spend too much time sitting down, which can do damage to our body’s alignment. Workouts that stretch out your muscles – such as yoga or Pilates – can help you stand tall. Shoulders back, head up, chest forward!

  • 6
    You'll get hooked

    You'll get hooked.

    Knowing the health benefits of physical activity might get you started, but the highs will take care of the rest. The more your fitness confidence improves, the more you’ll want to do. And all these rewards will be the icing on the cake.