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Two woman hiking at sunrise smiling and laughing facing the camera

Discover The Benefits Of Walking Everyday

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact.

The best way to move is completely free – and right at your feet. Take advantage of the benefits of walking – and take movement in your stride.

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    Travel on foot

    Travel on foot.

    Is walking good for you? The answer is a resounding yes. On your next city break, lace up your shoes and turn off your phone. While you’re discovering hidden cafes, street art and scenery, you’ll be getting a workout, too. Write down your hotel address first – just in case you end up actually lost.

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    Home in good time

    Home in good time.

    Does a brisk walk home from work seem like a step too far? Gamify it. All you need is your smartphone and a distance/timer tracker app. Set your route. Commit to doing it once a week. Challenge yourself to beat your time. Who knows, your friends might want to step up to the challenge as well!

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    Bear the load

    Bear the load.

    Shopping online is convenient. But actual shopping is worth getting out for. Brisk walking while bearing weight – yes, shopping bags count – is known as a “loaded carry”. You’re working every muscle in your body: the benefits of physical activity without a gym. Plus, it’s an excuse to hit the sales.

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    Straighten up to strenghten

    Straighten up to strengthen.

    Digital dependence can mess with your posture. So when you walk, don't hunch over your phone. Keep your core muscles hard and head tall. And make sure you’re using your glutes – your backside muscles – with each step. This helps to elongate your spine and reset your body after a day at your desk.

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    Take a hike

    Take a hike.

    Bored of regular walking? Exercise your right to explore and head uphill. Be it a short burst or a two-day adventure, stroll your local hiking routes and test your body against the hills. The best routes are picked for their beauty, meaning you’ll be too busy looking around in awe to feel the burn.

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    Never hold back

    Never hold back.

    Nothing should hold you back from tackling the day. Not sweat and definitely not clothing stains. Degree Women MotionSense Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant Deodorant and Degree Men Advanced Protection Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant should be your first defense against both. With this protection, you'll be able to go wherever your feet take you.