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Power up your commute to work

Best Morning Routine to Power Up Your Commute To Work

Put down the phone. Step away from the car keys.

You won’t believe how much an active commute to work can add a buzz to your day. Turn the miles between you and the office into a movement tour de force. And then turn up to your desk with energy to spare.

  • 1
    Rise and shine

    Rise and shine.

    Rising early isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Set your alarm and cycle or walk to work. You’ll swerve rush hour and cut coffee lines. Time it right and the sun will rise as you do. Catching the rising sun improves energy levels – another of the many benefits of walking or cycling to work.

  • 2
    Turn you train ticket into a gym membership

    Turn your train ticket into a gym membership.

    Use the train’s movement and hand rail to enjoy the benefits of physical activity before the day has begun. If you’re standing, lift one foot for 20 seconds, then the other – your core muscles will stabilize you. Or grip an overhead bar and pull to stretch. It’s action where you’d least expect it.

  • 3
    Be mindful of your driving

    Be mindful of your driving.

    Being in the car doesn’t mean sitting still: mindful breathing is a workout. Inhale deeply, expanding your belly. Then exhale at length, tensing your abs. It’s a mixture of mood-boosting meditation and muscle-strengthening movement. And you don’t have to take your attention off the road to achieve it.

  • 4
    Ride for your life

    Ride for your life.

    Scientists say active commuters live longer. But it’s not just about rolling back the years. Biking strengthens the parts of your body that stay down during the 9-to-5. But don’t arrive sweaty: start your day with Degree Men Advanced Protection Cool Rush Antiperspirant Deodorant. You'll arrive as fresh as you feel!

  • 5
    Jump into the carpool

    Jump into the carpool.

    Here’s a new take on a morning jog. Instead of simply driving to work day in, day out, try heading to a colleague’s place to pool your journey, instead. That way there’ll be a walk – or light run, if you’re feeling bold – before you even get to their car. All that’s left is to agree on the playlist!

  • 6
    Every step counts

    Every step counts.

    Why not get off public transport a few stops earlier than usual? You’ll sneak a stealthy stroll into your morning. This, along with a strategic spray of Degree Women MotionSense Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant Deodorant, will help you keep your cool.