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A group of four cyclist biking down an open highway smiling while wearing cycling gear

10 Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

The most popular time to exercise is the evening.

But don’t let the night pass you by at the gym. Once you know the best ways to work out, you can maximize your power and minimize your time. With these hacks applied to your session, you’ll still beat your friends to dinner.

  • 1
    Map out your movements

    Map out your movements.

    Walking might be good exercise – but when you’re focused on how to work out efficiently, wandering around the gym floor isn’t a great use of time. Plan your session beforehand so that you can go straight from one section of your workout to another – no hesitation, no detours.

  • 2
    Take the HIIT.

    Take the HIIT.

    Wondering how to get the best out of your workout? Swap lengthy cardio sessions for high intensity interval training – or HIIT. On the treadmill? Alternate 20 second bursts of sprinting with 10-20 seconds of rest, repeat 10x. That’s the cardio equivalent of a run – in less than five minutes!

  • 3
    Good tunes

    Good tunes.

    With the right music, you have more in the tank than you realize. Tailor your playlist – with the BPM (beats per minute) set to match your workout – to motivate you. Time for cardio? Load some upbeat dance. Getting tired? Tracks building up to a burst will take your energy up with them!

  • 4
    Stay on track

    Stay on track.

    Nothing spurs you on like success. Keep track of every personal best and every achievement. When you can see in black and white how much you’ve improved in fitness, your motivation is fed even more.

  • 5
    Minimize rest

    Minimize rest.

    Rest less between reps. Keeping up the work through your session – staying near your ‘lactate threshold’ as the coaches say – delivers the best results. An intense pace needs intense protection – with Degree Men MotionSense Cool Rush Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray, you’ll keep your cool up to the last crunch.

  • 6
    Switch up your session

    Switch up your session.

    Don’t stick to routine. There’s a whole world of ways to keep fitness exciting. Try it all. Your body can get used to the same strength and cardio, so keep it on its toes. That’s how you’ll see some real changes.

  • 7
    Dress the part

    Dress the part.

    The right clothes make you feel the part, leading to improved focus and motivation. Scientists call it ‘enclothed cognition’ – we call it your new reason to shop. Add Degree Women UltraClear Black+White Pure Clean Antiperspirant Deodorant to your gym bag too. Reliable protection and a dose of confidence in a compact can.

  • 8
    Take it outdoors

    Take it outdoors.

    Why spend an hour on the static bike staring at the gym mirror when there’s a whole world at your wheels? Cycling outdoors in green environments has been linked to an improved mood and better respiratory fitness so your lungs get more from the fresh air than they do from the stale stuff in the gym.

  • 9
    Feel the burn

    Feel the burn.

    Take advantage of the mind-muscle connection. Scientists believe that’s how to get the best out of your workout at the gym. With every move, focus on what you feel: your muscles stretching, contracting and working hard. It works for any exercise involving muscle coordination – from ballet to boxing!

  • 10
    Recover right

    Recover right.

    Finish your session with some light cardio – your muscles will recover faster. Cut down on your gym time by skipping the treadmill to jog home – that way your cool down doubles up as the return journey.