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Degree Clinical Protection for Excessive Sweating

Clinical Strength Deodorants 


Maximum level of active ingredient to prevent excessive sweating.

Turn to Degree's Clinical Protection deodorants for dermatologist-tested, prescription-strength wetness protection.

For best results, apply antiperspirant at night.


How Clinical Protection Deodorant Works

  • Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant Stick

    Trisolid™ formula

    Best applied at night when your sweat glands are less active, TRIsolid™ responds to your body’s chemistry, giving you maximum protection during the next day – even after a shower.

  • Degree Clinical Protection

    Body responsive

    Once applied, MotionSense® microcapsules sit on the surface of the skin. As you move, underarm friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing fresh fragrance. This makes Degree MotionSense® a perfect sport deodorant for active men and women.

  • Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant

    Gentle and easy

    Fragrance technology eliminates odor and the moisturizing ingredient makes it gentle enough for everyday use. The TRIsolid™ cream comes in a stick format, making it very easy to apply.

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