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Within our range of antiperspirants and deodorants, you’ll find the one that gives you the confidence to keep moving, no matter what your day brings.

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Advanced Protection

Our most advanced antiperspirant deodorant in 30 years.

Degree® Advanced uses microtechnology to keep you dry and fresh with 72H sweat and odour protection

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Clinical Protection

Clinically proven extra effective wetness protection to help you stay dry and fresh.

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Dry Spray

Invisible deodorant spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel.

Unlike other formats, Dry Spray antiperspirant contains no water or alcohol, which can leave a wet feeling. Nor does it contain wax, which can leave a waxy residue.

Superior 72-hour wetness and odour protection.

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Designed with smart capsules that respond to motion, Degree's MotionSense® is the only antiperspirant that reacts directly to movement, making it perfect for sports or active lifestyles.

Featured in a range of deodorant products for active men and women.

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UltraClear Black+White

Degree's UltraClear Black+White technology means no white marks on black clothes and no yellow stains on white clothes.

Try our no-stain antipersiprants for confident wear and 72 hour sweat protection.

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