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Women’s Antiperspirant Stick

More than just an antiperspirant

Whether you’re pushing yourself physically or mentally, when you’re sweating, you’re getting the best out of yourself. 

Designed to keep you fresh, energized and protected from sweat for longer, with Degree’s powerful antiperspirant stick you can reach your personal best, and feel dry and confident while you do it. When you’re under pressure, reach for an energizing boost from Degree® antiperspirant. 

Because Degree® antiperspirant stick is designed with a large surface area and an instantly dry, refreshing finish, you’ll be ready to take on the day with just one swipe. Whether you’re setting out on your next adventure, getting your next big deal or smashing your personal best on the track, Degree® antiperspirant stick will help keep you dry and smelling beautiful.

Because human beings are made for movement, Degree® female antiperspirant sticks have been made for movement too. Thanks to MotionSense®, a breakthrough technology exclusive to Degree, the more you move, the more the powerful antiperspirant protects you from odour. 

The motion-activated formula contains microcapsules that sit on the skin, ready to burst into action as soon as you do. Bursts of fresh fragrance release onto your skin in reaction to the friction under your armpit, meaning that you smell your best when you’re working your hardest – the ultimate motivator. With up to 48 hours of protection, Degree® female antiperspirant is reliable and hardworking, and it won’t fade throughout the day.

Degree®. It won't let you down.

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