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Outline of male with back sweat

How to stop back sweat

Discover what causes excessive back sweating and how to stop it.

Ordinarily, a sweaty back is a natural response to an increase in temperature – if you get too hot, your body releases sweat to help you cool down.  

Experiencing back sweat during a workout is normal, but can be embarrassing in everyday situations like a hot commute. Back sweat becomes a more serious issue when it happens without a natural trigger.


What causes excessive back sweating?

Excessive back sweating can be the result of a condition called primary hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes overactive sweat glands. This condition affects all parts of the body, but is often localized to specific areas like the back.

Another identified cause of an overly sweaty back is secondary hyperhidrosis, which can be a side effect of medication, a change in hormone levels or a damaged nervous system.

Back sweats brought on by either primary or secondary hyperhidrosis are best dealt with by a doctor or dermatologist. They can recommend proper medical treatment.


How to stop excessive back sweating

Here are a few tips for making an excessively sweaty back easier to manage:

  • Wear natural fibres as much as possible. Synthetic fabrics like polyester can trap sweat, making it pool on your back and soak through your clothes. Breathable materials like cotton and wool can help you stay cooler throughout the day.  
  • Stay hydrated by drinking cold water. This helps lower your body temperature and replenish some of the water lost through excessive back sweating.
  • Avoid potential back sweat triggers, such as spicy food, caffeine, smoking and alcohol.
  • Wash regularly, paying special attention to your back area.


If the methods above don’t work, don’t worry – there are still other approaches you can take. Speak to your doctor or dermatologist if your excessive back sweating continues. They’ll be able to talk you through options such as medication and other specialized treatments.

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