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Antiperspirants and deodorants for women

What's the Best Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women?

Having a hard time picking out the best women’s antiperspirant deodorant for you? No worries. Degree® has the answer.

Sweat is a part of everyday life, but it affects each of us in different ways. Some women simply sweat more than others, while others need an antiperspirant deodorant that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

A good women’s antiperspirant deodorant is an essential purchase, no matter your lifestyle. But it’s important to have an antiperspirant deodorant that suits your needs.


How to Choose a Women’s Antiperspirant Deodorant

For Active Lifestyles

Engaging in exercise and physical activities can make you produce up to 10 litres of sweat a day. If you’re a fitness fan who sweats a lot, you’ll need an antiperspirant deodorant that can match your pace.

Degree® Women Active Shield ™ Dry Spray is the perfect choice for women who work out. This antiperspirant contains Degree® innovative MotionSense® technology. It works like this: unique microcapsules sit on the surface of your skin. When you move, friction breaks those microcapsules and they release more fragrance. So every time you move, MotionSense® keeps you fresh and free from odour.


For Nervous Sweaters

It isn’t just exercise or heat that makes your sweat glands active – they also react to strong emotions like stress. Feeling nervous about a first date or an all-important job interview can make you sweat, too.

If you’re a nervous sweater, a stronger women’s antiperspirant deodorant like Degree® Women Clinical Stress Control is your best bet. Offering high levels of sweat protection, its formula helps keeps you dry when you need it the most.


For Stain Protection

White antiperspirant deodorant stains on your clothes are never a good look. If you want to avoid getting white marks on your clothes, it’s important to choose an antiperspirant deodorant that protects both you and your favourite clothes. 

Degree® Women’s Black + White range keeps odour and wetness at bay without leaving unsightly white marks on your fabrics.

There are plenty of antiperspirant deodorants out there. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s the right one for you.

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