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Is sweating good? The benefits of sweating

Discover the ways working up a sweat could actually be good for you.

The average person produces about a litre of sweat a day, and that’s without even trying. If you’ve been working out, your body can generate up to ten litres of sweat in a day.

Made up of fluid and salt, sweat is sort of like your body’s air conditioning system: you release sweat to cool down after physical activity. This process is currently the only proven advantage of sweating, but working up a sweat through regular exercise and activity has been linked to other benefits.


“Working up a Sweat” Can Keep You Healthy

As we all know, exercise doesn’t just make you sweat, it’s linked to health benefits.

Keeping active boosts your body’s production of good cholesterol and improves your blood flow. This can help minimize risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and a wide range of other health problems.


Exercise makes you Feel Great

When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals trigger positive feelings in the body that make you feel happier and more energized. The release of endorphins through exercise has been known to help with stress and anxiety.


Working out Could Improve your Skin

Being active can have a positive effect on your skin, too. Working out boosts your circulation and delivers more nutrients to your skin via increased blood flow.

Physical activity can stimulate the body’s production of collagen over time, which can help your skin appear plumper and healthier.


Saunas Are Good for You, Too

Hitting the sauna isn’t just about pampering yourself, “sweat baths” are believed to have benefits, too.

Relaxing in a sauna can’t replace physical exercise, but it can increase your pulse rate and metabolism, improve your circulation and make your blood vessels more flexible.

Both steam rooms and dry sauna have the added benefit of relieving sore, post-workout muscles and are a great way of kicking back after an intense gym session.

Working up a good sweat has its upsides. But if you think you’re sweating too much during or after exercise, then try Degree® antiperspirant with Motionsense™.

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