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Men's Dry Spray

To be your cool, confident best, you need a dry spray that can deliver long-lasting sweat and odour protection in a matter of seconds. 

The best dry spray antiperspirant deodorant is one you can rely on at crunch time: whether that’s smashing your personal best or setting out on your most daring adventure yet. That’s why we developed a dry spray antiperspirant that works in tandem with your body’s movement, to instantly protect against odour with a quick, cooling blast.

Developed with breakthrough MotionSense® technology, the Degree® Dry Spray is our most powerful dry spray antiperspirant yet. The motion-activated formula contains smart microcapsules that sit on the skin, ready to burst into action as soon as you do. When you move, the friction under your arm causes the capsules to activate, releasing invigorating fragrance with every movement. That means the harder you work, the better you smell – and it’ll protect you for up to 48 hours. 

The Degree® dry spray antiperspirant deodorant works in seconds and the ultra-clear, anti-white-mark formula means you can get up and get moving, without the fuss. 

Degree® knows that the best dry spray antiperspirant deodorant is one with an energizing scent. Whether you go for cooling citrus or masculine woodiness, there’s a fragrance for every adventure. 

Degree®. It won't let you down.

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