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Men’s Clinical Protection

More than just an antiperspirant

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit, you need something that moves with you, works in harmony with your chemistry and protects you – no matter how tough it gets. 

Degree® clinical-strength antiperspirant deodorant helps keep you fresh and dry, even during the most challenging mental and physical tests. Designed with the maximum level of anti-sweat active ingredients for our non-prescription products, clinical antiperspirant deodorant is our most effective solution to sweating yet.

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Helping to keep you dry is only part of the story. Developed with breakthrough MotionSense® technology, Degree® men’s clinical-strength antiperspirant deodorant keeps you smelling fresh. MotionSense® body-responsive microcapsules sit on your skin, ready to activate as soon as the action begins. The friction of your underarm releases a burst of energizing fragrance every time you move, meaning the more you move the better you smell – the ultimate reward for your hard work. 

Dermatologically tested, Degree® clinical-strength antiperspirant deodorant is as gentle as it is powerful; its moisturizing formula is kind enough to skin to be used every day. 

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