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Two men with headphones exercising outside

Men's Antiperspirant Stick

More than just an antiperspirant

Whatever you’re doing to push yourself, being your best requires cool, calm and collected confidence. A powerful antiperspirant stick will help you get there, no matter how big the challenge. 

That’s why we’ve developed an antiperspirant for men that works with your body and activates odour protection when you need it most.

Formulated with breakthrough Motionsense® technology, the Degree® antiperspirant stick is a powerful antiperspirant. The motion-activated formula contains microcapsules that sit on the skin and react to underarm friction caused by movement, releasing a burst of fresh fragrance. It’s simple: the more you move, the more the antiperspirant protects from odour, no matter what you decide to throw at it. 

Degree® knows that feeling and smelling fresh is the ultimate energizer. From rustic, masculine and woody to citrusy, smooth and arctic-cool, there’s a scent to suit every experience.  

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