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Dry Spray Range

Degree Dry Spray


AntiAntiperspirant that goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel.

New formula gives you 48-hour protection and Motionsense® technology.

Degree® Dry Spray contains no water, wax or alcohol that can leave a visible residue on the skin after application.


The science

  • dry spray antiperspirant

    Dry spray antiperspirant

    The active ingredients from Degree® Dry Spray Antiperspirant are deposited in the underarm as a solid. When we sweat, this solid dissolves to form a gel which fills sweat ducts.

  • odour protection

    Odour protection

    When the dry spray active ingredients form a gel, the process activates antibacterial properties to prevent bacteria producing unpleasant body odour. With Motionsense® technology as you move, underarm friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing immediate odour protection and freshness.

  • girl using dry spray

    How to use Degree® dry spray

    Shake your Degree® Dry Spray well before each use. Hold the can upright, 6 inches away from your underarm, and spray for 2 seconds.

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