What is DO:MORE?

DO:MORE is a philosophy, a rallying cry for those who want to devour life and all that it brings. It is a motivator for doers everywhere and a reminder to us all that we should maximize every moment, commit to those things that move us and to pursue our passions with an unrelenting hunger.

Do more philosophy

Who or what is a doer?

A doer is anybody, young or old, male or female, who’s always on the lookout for the next opportunity to push their life forward.

It’s someone who makes things happen rather than waits for things to happen to them. Someone who challenges themselves to go further, who defines success on his or her own terms according to what’s important to them.

A doer is someone who sets goals, focuses on the future and stays positive. Who lives with no regrets. Who shows determination and puts in the effort to achieve—not to impress others but for their own self-worth.

A doer is someone who doesn’t only dream—they get on and do it. And they enjoy the ride. It’s someone who understands that doing new things makes life more interesting and reveals new horizons.

A doer is someone who cares about relationships and connecting with others. A game-maker who’s the natural hub of their family and social circles. Someone always on the go, and who looks at life’s natural pauses not only as an opportunity to ask “What’s next?”, but to plan their next journey.

Why does Degree say DO:MORE?

Degree's new motionSENSE™ technology responds directly to movement, so the more you move the harder it works; and only Degree can uniquely deliver real confidence for whatever in life you choose to do.

That’s why we say DO:MORE, because Degree will not let you down.

What is the DO:MORE rallying cry?

We don’t believe life is something to be endured.
Life is meant to de done.
There are those who live by this code every day,
we hope to inspire more of them.
We all have the opportunity to devour life,
to get out of our comfort zone,
try something outrageous,
challenge ourselves,
and inspire others;
to amp up our days and maximize our lives.
We all have the opportunity to do more of these things that move us,
and pursue our passions with dynamism and gusto.
All we have to do is look for them.
Or let them find us.
Degree seeks to inspire with a simple mantra: More.
What you can Do: More.
More living, more action, more commitment, more extraordinary,
especially with Degree to support you.
So do brave.
Do spontaneous.
Do audacious.
Do every day like it really matters.